Carlisle Road
Methodist Church

Carlisle Road


Methodism came to Londonderry in the late 18th century when John Wesley visited the city on four occasions. Three preceding church sites were founded in the city centre before Carlisle Road opened in 1903. Architecturally the building is noted for its flying buttresses and its spacious and beautiful interior.


From its establishment the church has sought to fulfil the motto of friends of all, enemies of none and its mission statement to reach out in love and service to the whole community. It has close links with other Methodist churches in the north-west, especially Clooney Hall in the Waterside.


Today Carlisle Road is a busy, vibrant congregation reaching out to and involving others in the community. There is something on offer to everyone. Activities include Men’s Club, Methodist Women, Youth Club, Prayer and Bible groups, bowls, badminton and zumba. Gamblers Anonymous meets twice weekly and, most recently in 2012, the Drop-In Centre for the homeless was established
in the church cellar.


At the city end of the church you will find the side entrance. You are welcomed by wrought iron gates incorporating symbols of the church and the St. Columba trails encircling the methodist cross. As you approach the side door you will walk over the bronze and ceramic panel. This depicts the image of John Wesley – the funder of the methodist church on horseback framed by motifs taken from
the entrance gate and church detailing.