As 2013 and the UK City of Culture presents us with that once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate all that is good about this city – it’s an opportunity for all of us to celebrate the city’s cultural diversity and provide a lasting legacy for future generations. The events scheduled to take place during 2013 are fantastic and provide something for all of us to enjoy and be part of. This is a City with a new story that we are keen to share with you, we hope that 2013 and the events of our City of Culture.


This year will allow you to be part of writing our new chapter. The way that Derry˜ Londondery has come together as a team to ensure that the full potential of 2013 is realised has been truly remarkable and will ensure the maximum possible benefits for all the people of the city. As the first winners of this prestigious title, we have been pioneers, working without a blue print and setting benchmarks for future UK Cities of Culture. From the setting up of a new company, raising the budget, consulting with a city, to the announcement of this programme, the journey to 2013 has undoubtedly been challenging, but rewarding and exhilarating.


Our team have put together a schedule of cultural excellence that will shine a spotlight on our city and display our cultural vibrancy to the world throughout 2013 and beyond.
From early in the bidding stage for the City of Culture designation, everyone involved in this project made no secret that our ambition for the programme of events would be breath-taking in its scope, diversity and quality.

‘City of Culture year will bring a sense of wonder, ambition, pride in our community, joy, purpose and at the end a sense of achievement - that we all did this together and it meant something.’

Graeme Farrow, Cultural Programming Team